{My Scrap Time}

What is that again? Oh yeah my scrap time. Is it ever going to happen again? I sure hope so. I need to get my scrap room done. Since the flood I haven’t gotten back down there to get it out together again. My hubby needs to lay a few pieces of tile and then we need to have the carpet re-stretched and then I need to paint one wall. I know it sounds like alot but it really isn’t the big chore. The BIG CHORE is putting my room back together. I bought some paper racks and some grid walls so that is going to help. My hubbies friend is going to put some awesome lighting in. SOOOOOOO excited. I can’t wait. Me and Midge have a scrapbook retreat coming up and I really need this room done. But you can bet that as soon as it is done I will have some sweet pages uploaded. Oh yeah my creativity is bursting at the seems. (LOL) Can’t wait can’t wait.