{Tag! You’re it}

I just got tagged by my friend Tina. This is the 7 random facts tag. Ok sorry Tina it took me so long I was gone on that scrapbook retreat but here goes!

Random Fact#1- I hate laundry, everything about it I HATE I wish that there was such thing as disposable laundry:)
Random Fact#2-I love to belch (loud) I know, what talent I must have (ha ha)
Random Fact #3- I have two dimples (not on my bum but on my cheeks:)
Random Facts#4- I love noodles with white sauce (fettuccine Alfredo)
Random Facts#5-Scrapbooking is da’ bomb
Random Facts#6- Me and my hubby are high school sweethearts
and finally Random Fact #7 drum roll please ************************ I always have to have my rings, earrings and a necklace on at all times. If not I feel naked.
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