{Circle Book II books 2,3,4 and 5}

I finally got books from Midge, Heather,Tamera, and Lori’s circle albums. I had fun doing these. There were some fun topics to scrap about.
“For the Record”
This is Midge’s book. So cute she did her album on Records.
How fun! She asked if we could change one thing about our body what would it be and why? So I choose that I would change my Muffin Top.

For some flippin reason this pic wouldn’t turn counterclock wise, sorry

“Remember Me”
This book was Heathers. She wanted you to tell about how you would like to
be remembered. I said that I wanted to be remembered as a fun, loving, free spirited,
happy, goofy person who loves to be spontaneous and have fun.
This book is Tamera’s. I have three beautiful inspirations
that are in my life everyday. My sweet hubby and my two beautiful girls.
They are the reason I get out of bed in the morning and they are the things that
gets me through the long days. Without them I would be lost.

“My Bucket List”
This book is Lori’s. I had alot of fun doing this book. Since I didn;t have any photos
of my bucket list (of course not I haven’t done these things yet) I got all of these photos from stock photos. I said in my bucket list that I would like to go to Greece, go to Africa on a Safari/Hunt with my Husband, learn how to Scuba Dive, go Sky Diving and serve a mission with my husband when we get old. This one was fun.