{PK Glitz & Angela Holt Designs Featured Designer- Victorian Vintage Cottage}

Vintage Cottage

by Mandee Gillen AKA Scrappin Madge
First I would like to Thank Angela Holt Designs it has been a honor to be on Angelas DT and I would also like to 
Thank PK Glitz for being our sponsor this month! It has been great working with their product.
I have had this Paper Machae’ house in my stash for awhile now.  I always had in mind what I wanted to do with it 
but didn’t have the right stuff to make it happen.  That is when I received PK Glitz Glitter! Then my wheels started 
spinning! I knew right away that this is what I needed to make this Vintage Cottage come to life.

I really wanted this to be something that I could display in my sitting room.  I am thrilled at how this plain brown paper 
mache’ house turned into this Victorian Vintage Cottage. 

  • Take your paper machae’ house and cover the base with paper (I used Graphic 45 Ladies Diary throughout                                        this project) Use the fantastic Wonder Film to adhere the paper.
  • Take an exacto knife and cut out the windows and the door.
  • Cut 350 1/4″ circles out of a dark pattern piece of paper. The first layer of circles I used Wonder film to apply                                           after that I used Mod Podge to give it a shinny look and layered each circle creating the shingle look. 
  • Cut out another 150 1/4″ circles for the front decorative shingles in the peaks of the roof tops. Repeat the same                                                 steps as the roof with the Wonder Film and then continue to layer with Mod Podge.
  • Cut a thin strip if Wonder Film and apply at the base of the house and wrap house with lace trim.
  • Take some fun decorative beading and wrap windows with beading.
  • I wanted some of my brown paper mache’ base to show through so I used a SMALL amount of Mod Podge                                            and sprinkled some Pink Glitz Glitter along the sides and front of the house.
  • Take your brush of Mod Podge and gently go over the roof and the house and then sprinkle with White Glitz                                        Glitter. Brush off any extra.
  • Cut Wonder Film and apply to the chimney, using the spoon from PK Glitz sprinkle white glitter onto the                                                   Wonder Film, shake off excess glitter and use the brush to brush away the excess. 

  • Using decorative ribbon, flowers and elements I decorated my house.
  • I even cut out a set of women and placed them through the door so you can see them on the inside.

Here is a couple of close ups of the trim around the roof and 
the shingles on the house

You could make this house unique to your style.  It was so much fun making this Cottage.