DIY Trick or Treat Banner

Friends!!! It is October 1st can you even believe your eyes??? EEk!!! Time to get out your Spell book, potions and your cauldron!!! Open up your Spell book to page No.1031 and you will see DIY Trick or Treat Banner.  Start Gathering your potions, this is an easy one you only need some coasters from the dollar store, a Crop-o-dile, 3 Girl JAM crinkle ribbon, some Halloween stickers and last but not least some Halloween Rosettes! Oh yes don’t forget the scissors. Did I forget anything???? {Cackle Cackle Cackle} Oh yes a pinch of frogs tongue and two pinches of spider legs! Oh yes that completes it!!!
This is how your Trick or Treat Spell Banner will turn out!!!
Here are some of the pics in steps..

Be sure to shop over at 3 Girl JAM and get your crinkle ribbon today!!! You will love every color and you will have to get all of the fabulous colors!!! (HEE HEE I have them all and love each and every color).