Madge’s Style Tile…. Round 7

Madge's Style Tile main

Happy Saturday my sweet friends!! Welcome to another super fun and amazing Madge’s Style Tile!!! If you are new to Madge’s Style Tiles and are wondering what they are, I would like you to think of a mood board, or a color scheme. This is basically the same thing BUT…. it’s a Style Tile! Why? Because I like to share many different styles each and every week! {Hint} The name “Saturday Style Tile”! My hope is that you can come here each and every week to gain some fun inspiration! Take what you can from it and run baby run! The sky is the limit!

For this weeks Style Tile I would like to say this first! I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t like a little bit of GLITTER! Well I am one of those people times 10!!! I love glitter it makes me happy! I love to put a little in my hair sometimes just to give myself a little sparkle! You should try it some time. It really puts a little pep in your step!

Ok are you ready for the unveiling of this weeks Style Tile?? Drum Roll Please…………
Madges Style Tile Round 7

I would like to make a quick disclaimer. These photos were found on the web. I am attaching links to where these photos were found.********