GNO? Shop Southlands Shopping Center!

Last week I had the opportunity to Shop at the Southland Shopping Center in Aurora, Colorado with my Girlfriends.  Yes, it was one GNO that I will never forget!!! I am sure that you are wondering WHY?, is this a night out with my friends that I will never forget.  Let me tell you!

I was in one of two mini vans that made way to this fabulous shopping center.  As you can see in the photo we were having too much fun. Let the laughing begin!

Shop Southlands friends van ride

Being from Utah, I must say that I didn’t know what to expect. We have malls, outlets and more, but  when we squealed into the parking lot full of excitement I knew right then and there that this was going to be One Fabulous Night.  The stores were decorated and chuck full of yummy goodness.  My checkbook was definitely in big trouble! (Sorry Honey!) I seriously was like a kid in Candyland!

First up….. World Market! Midge and I love this store, so when we found out that we were headed to this store first we were giddy!


Check out some of my finds while at this fabulous store!!

World Market Collage


When shopping with friends, it means that you don’t have to act your age! You can be silly, laugh and in this case put a hat on and twirl an umbrella!  World Market is chuck full of awesome gifts, home decor items, and they even have the Beanboozeled Challenge game by Jelly Belly! Something that I have been looking forward to taking!!!  However, I recently moved and I loved this Clock wall! How do you choose just one? I love them ALL!


The fun didn’t stop at World Market!  Barnes and Noble was our next stop!

Ok…. do you know what happens when you get 12 amazing ladies together that are Creative and Celebrating their dear friend Laura Kelly Walters release in the Where Women Create Magazine together? Pure and utter chaos!!! All of us in a bookstore full of DIY Books, Crafting, Beading, Sewing amazing Novels and more!!! Oh my stars look at the fun we had!

Barnes and Noble


So we have GNO + Shopping now we need to add in FOOD and DRINKS! Yes, this shopping center has so many options, we ate at the super scrumptious, deliciously yummy Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar the service was amazing and the laughing continued….

Dinner pic

Look at these beautiful smiling faces! We know how to laugh and have a good time, but none of this would have been possible if we didn’t have the awesome service that we did! A huge shout out to Big Daddy’s Burger Bar!

Hey, wait! Where do you think you are going??? Not so fast! I have one more stop that I wanted to share with you! I hope that you have your notebook out and are taking notes! This shopping center is HUGE and you want to make sure that you bring your Mary Poppins Bag to the party!


Oh look! We had our very own Mary Poppins! Check out these super cute Umbrella lights! These have to be the cutest! And across the way there was a crackling fire place to keep you warm on those cold shopping days!

Hallmark was my last stop while at Southlands! This my friends is one of my favorites! Have you seen all of the trinkets, cards, and uplifting goodies that this store has? Oh WOW!!!!! I could shop in this store for days! Here are some of my finds.

Inside out and Charlie Brown

Does it get any cuter than the fun characters from Inside Out? Or what about this cute Charlie Brown Christmas set?  I could go on and on about shopping at Southlands Shopping Center! 

Just know that GNO+ Shopping+Food and Drinks= Southlands Shopping Center!!!! What else is there to know?

I personally can’t wait to go back and fill my suitcase with wonderful finds! If you are in the area be sure to check Southlands out!

Be sure to check out Southlands Shopping Center on FB HERE I know that they have a fun contest going on right now!!!

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  1. We had such a blast! I’m at Southlands probably twice a week, but it’s always better with friends! Come back soon!

  2. That night was a definite highlight for me too! Loved sharing it with you and Midge!

  3. What a great night with so many hapoy memories! I can’t wait to do it again.

  4. Such a fun night! Love your pic with the umbrella!