{Almost there! Finally}

Yes! I am so excited my room is finally painted and now all i have to do is put the dang thing together. Hip hip hooray!!! I hope every one can spread the love give me a whoop whoop🙂 now on the count of three i need every ones help to do the wave 1..2…3…. did you do it? Ha, probably not but it was with good intentions. Anyways I’ve been a busy girl trying to get my paper racks in and my shelves hung and sorting and putting all of my scrappy stuff away, I’m like a kid in a GIANT candy store, (maybe like being in Willie Wonka’s shop) I get all excited and big smiles🙂 As soon as i get it together I will post pics.
so until then TTFN (ta ta for now for all you who don’t watch Winnie the pooh and tiger too)