Good Times in Altamont

Yup, it was that time of the year again when me and my friends go to our twice annual retreat! We had a blast. (But when don’t i have a hoot with them?) Ok so I have a question for you, Why is it that when a bunch of girlfriends get together their is always one who cries? Hmmmmm, it isn’t because of DRAMA this time hahahaha it is just the sisterhood that was felt while we were there. Ok Ok i admit i was the one that opened the flood gates. I have to say that for the last month i have felt very overwhelmed, but not wanting to show it, I for some STUPID reason thought that i needed to be SUPERWOMAN. Why? I have no clue other than I guess I didn’t want to let myself down along with everyone else (if that makes sense). So while we were there it took alot for me to just let go and who better to be with and let go then my bestest friends? They were so great and supportive. It is so nice to have such friends that love you through thick and thin and don’t judge they just listen. Man I cant express enough love and gratitude for these sweet ladies that I have the privilege to call my FRIENDS. I have to say that I am so lucky to have these ladies on my side, I know they have my back and WOWZEERS i would hate to meet the person that messes with them. So here is a shout out to my dearest pals: THANK YOU Mindee (midge lol), Mims, Melinda (malinda lol),Stace,and Steph. You gals are the bestest in the westest.