Madge’s Style Tile….. Round 8

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Happy Saturday friends! Welcome to another fabulous Saturday Style Tile!! We skipped last week due to National Scrapbooking Day but we are back and ready to roll with todays fabulous theme!

I found it only fitting to create this weeks theme something fun and crazy! Why? Well I am right now as you read this either flying in a plane or landed and ready to start my vacation with my bestie Midge! Many of you know that I love vampires, and witched and the paranormal right? Midge and I love scary movies, scary places and love to stay in haunted places. We have been to Colorado and stayed at The Stanley Hotel. If you aren’t quite sure what The Stanley is click HERE to see what it is all about! We were able to stay in the most haunted rooms there. Many think we are crazy, but we have fun!

For Christmas Midge’s hubby bought her a trip to New Orleans however, he didn’t want to go hunt ghosts, check out the cemeteries and see the voodoo museum so he said you go with her and have fun! So here we are off to the fabulous New Orleans ready for another fun Midge and Madge Adventure! #midgeandmadge

What is New Orleans with out Mardi Gras right??? Right! So check out this weeks Style Tile! I hope this will inspire you to create this week! Until next time friends.

Madge's Style Tile Mardi Gras Magic


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